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Uniting deep expertise in media relations, digital media, strategic communication, training and marketing.

Mimik Technology

We translated complex research and technology into strategic actions and clear messaging that told mimik’s story and their Pandimik contract tracing apps’ impact.

Our Client’s Experience

“PR Associates built our relationship from a strategic level ensuring public relations and communications aligned with mimik’s immediate and longer-term business objectives. Not only were we able to receive amazing media coverage for our company and our product, Pandimik, we continue to engage our teams to build upon concepts, ideas and growth plans. I highly recommend PR Associates.”

Fay Arjomandi
CEO, Mimik Technology

“When the PDAC engaged PR Associates, we were struggling to attract and manage the media at our annual conference, one of the largest in Canada. With an approach rooted in strategic thinking, their team brought a sophisticated understanding of the role media plays in our organizational strategy—as well as a deep interest in and commitment to our mission.”

Salley Lawton
Director of Communication, PDAC

“I’ve hired PR Associates several times over the years with various organizations. They have a unique understanding of diverse audiences. Their work is both emotional and organized. Working with their team is always a great experience and the results of our award-winning partnerships have helped so many people while transforming how our organizations were perceived.”

Terry Swan
Director FILO, Ontario Ministry of Justice

“PR Associates is far more than your average PR firm. They are strategic and they are creative partners with a knack for understanding complexity and help you communicate it simply and eloquently. When it come to turning complicated research into content and finding opportunities to connect with the public they are the best in the business. That’s why we’ve worked with them for eight years now."

Brent Murphy
Senior VP Environment, Seabridge Gold

"PR Associates completely understood the challenges we were facing. Instead of having a junior consultant engaged in our project, the whole team was involved. This is what makes them such a great partner, they made our success theirs. We don’t feel like we hired a PR firm, rather we found a partner to work with us."

Jonathon Hoyles
President and CEO Perk Hero

Smart Strategy and Seamless Execution

We combine our collective experience in strategic communication, public relations and technology to create stories and experiences that help our life science, healthcare, energy, technology, agri-food, manufacturing and government agency clients get noticed and deepen audience engagement.

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Smart Strategy and Seamless Execution

Our Focus Areas

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Our Focus Areas

Natural Resources, Mining and Energy

Our Focus Areas


Our Focus Areas


Our Focus Areas

Indigenous companies and non-profits

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We create stories, communications and experiences that engage audiences capture imaginations, shift mindsets and move markets.

A Diversity of Perspectives

“Public relations is not merely an organizational tool, but a powerful influence on social and political life. From carefully considered communications by corporations and organizations to government campaigns that manage public opinion and self-promotion through thought leadership and social media, public relations are central to our individual and collective lives. Done right, public relations drives discussions that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. ”

Robert Simpson, President & CEO

“Being accountable and admitting any wrongdoing is difficult for many companies trying to impress their clients and gain further business. Sidelining issues or shifting blame is easy to do but hard to recover from.
Things happen. Mistakes are made. How companies handle this makes all the difference.

People prefer honestly with a viable solution above anything else! I learned this early on from my mentors and this has allowed me to build so many amazing professional relationships that I still treasure to this day.
Before you promise the world, make sure you can deliver. And when something goes array, which often is the case for various reasons, own it. Take accountability and solve the issue. This authenticity will speak volumes in how your clients respect and work with you!”

Paola Ashton, Vice President

“In my role as Senior Account Manager, I am responsible for strategic thinking, planning and content management. At PR Associates, we have developed many successful marketing and communications plans for a wide range of clients, across numerous industries. Through research, market analysis, and studying future trends, I develop a plan that is creative, thorough and most importantly effective.

I am also a senior writer who creates clear, compelling content that resonates with targeted audiences. I have developed innovative content for a wide range of digital, print and social channels including stakeholder reports, white papers, press releases, blogs and website content. ”

Morgan Consaul, Senior Account Manager

“My job as Marketing & Design Manager is to inform and educate an audience on behalf of our clients. Good design isn’t just about making things pretty. It is a form of visual communication that connects the audience to ideas and information in a seamless and intuitive way.”

Pamela Rubio, Marketing & Design Manager

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